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Hanz's regional support story

Most spinal cord injuries occur as a result of accidents but there are cases where they develop over many years. Minor injuries that haven’t been properly treated can contribute to further damage of the spine.

What would you do if one day a doctor told you that in a few years you would no longer be able to walk?  Read Hanz's story about finding SCIA's regional support team and how he received a NEW mogo wheelchair.  Read More »



Paul’s peer support story

Paul is an accomplished jockey, professional jockey's agent and paraplegic. Paul spoke about his life as a jockey and what the future holds for him.  Watch Paul's video for more of an insight.   Read More »



Daniel's return to work story


Daniel has no memory of the accident that changed his life. He was a road maintenance crew member, working on the F3 motorway near Bewowra, when a semi-trailer ploughed into his 'arrow-ute' diverting traffic. Daniel has talked to many worksites about his accident to help prevent complacency in the workplace as a SCIA Ambassador - watch Daniel's video about the benefits of getting back into work.  Read More »



David's work as an ambassador story

David was living an energetic life, surfing and playing sport. He is also a qualified builder.  It all came crashing down one day when he had a work accident. Now as a quadriplegic, he is fully involved with life, attaining his building supervisor and draughtsman qualifications. He is also part of the team of SCIA Ambassadors - who talk about injury prevention at worksites. Watch David's video to hear more about Teamsafe.  Read More »



Stewart - why he is a SCIA supporter

Stewart had a spinal cord injury whilst surfing - he was very fortunate to have received world-class medical treatment quickly after impact which saved his life. He is thankful that he is pretty much fully functional - and wants to help other spinal cord injured through donations.  Watch Stewart's video about how financial help will give more people with SCI independence. Read More »



Kamila's story as a carer for a client with SCI


“I am actually very lucky because my client and I are friends now and that is the biggest reward for me. I really didn’t expect it, I thought it would just be a normal job—a routine—but it is fun. “Kamila is a carer for people with spinal cord injuries. She came to Australia with her boyfriend with high hopes and expectations for a country with a “strong economy and enjoyable climate”. Read More »



David K's advocacy experience

David Kenny’s life changed in an instant when his motorbike was hit by a car. Straight after the accident he still had a chance to recover and walk again.Unfortunately first aid he was given only made things worse. “I had probably hurt the vertebrae in the neck but my spinal cord was intact.    Read More »


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