What next? videos

Learn more about living well with spinal cord injury with our video series What Next?

Home Automation and Assistive Technology: Greg, who has C3/4 quadriplegia, shows how he manages his life with a voice activated environmental control system, integrated remote controls, adaptive switches and computer voice dictation; and explains how these devices give him greater independence.

Assistance Dogs: Sheree and Daniel describe how Jade and Barnaby give them more independence and security at home, at work and when they are out and about.

Vehicles - Transfers and stowing wheelchairs: Shows methods of transferring between a wheelchair and drivers seat, and what to do with the wheelchair while in the car. Produced with assistance from PME Engineering.

Vehicles - Driving  controls: Hand controls and electronic systems for drivers with a disability who transfer into the drivers seat or drive while seated in the wheelchair. Produced with assistance from PME Engineering.

Continence Equipment - Manage the plumbing: What are the latest products available in catheters, valves and bags? What are some discreet and creative ways you can position and manage your continence equipment no matter what you're wearing?

Wheelchair skills: Vital skills that will become  second nature and enable you to make the most of the places you go and the activities you enjoy. NOTE: Some skills shown in this video require arm strength and advanced ability to balance the wheelchair. Do not attempt them alone before practising them with a therapist.

In the Kitchen part 1 - Paraplegia: Greg, who has T5/6 paraplegia, shows his cooking methods and equipment. Produced with assistance from the Independent Living Centre NSW.

In the Kitchen 2 - Quadriplegia: Nathan, who has C6/7 quadriplegia, shows his cooking methods and equipment. Produced with assistance from the Independent Living Centre NSW.

Wheelchair Selection - Manual pt 1 - Frame style, material and setup: George Ajaka from GTK Rehab explains the benefits of frame styles (folding, fixed and adjustable) and materials (aluminium, titanium, carbon fibre). Setting up the chair to each individual's needs is vital to maximising comfort, mobility and endurance.

Wheelchair Selection - Manual pt 2 - Components and accessories: George Ajaka from GTK Rehab shows and explains the benefits of different types of castors, tyres, pushrims, clothing guards and anti-tip tubes.

Wheelchair Selection - Power chairs: Owen Dawes from Permobil explains the benefits of different drive platforms - front, mid and rear wheel - and shows various seating options and controls.

Home Access: Systems for independently accessing your entry door and controlling access for visitors. Produced with assistance from the Independent Living Centre NSW.

What Next? videos are for general information only, you must consult your qualified health provider for information pertaining to your specific situation.

What Next? is made possible by the generous support of the Roth Charitable Foundation. This Foundation was established by the late Henry and Ann Roth in 1989 in memory of Henry’s father, sister and brother and the other 6,000,000 innocent victims who tragically perished in the Holocaust.  A profound thank you to The Roth Charitable Foundation.

What Next? is available as a video DVD or individual files. Contact SCInfo This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 02 9661 8855 to request a copy.

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