Back on track

Back on track

2nd edition with:

  • more answers to your most pressing questions;
  • an updated list of important contacts; and
  • a new and unique outings guide to the best accessible activities that Sydney has to offer.

Back on track is a resource for you.

It includes basic information and contact details which you can build on to tailor to your own needs. It is designed to answer many of your most frequently asked questions and address the most common concerns facing people who have experienced a spinal cord injury.

The information includes:

  1. fact sheets that provide answers to the most frequently asked questions; and
  2. contact details and information sources covering support for you and your family members and carers
  3. ideas for when you want to venture out.

While every effort has been made to ensure that the details included are completely accurate at the time of publication, we recognise that this information can often change over time. Download updates as they become available and please let us know of any errors. 

We hope that the information included in Back on track offers you support and assistance and will provide you with the foundation to thrive in the community. Our aim is to be there when you need us, now and into the future, to assist with individual support or to help in eliminating the barriers within the community that prevent true independence. We also welcome any feedback or suggestions for additional information, resources or services to be included. Please contact SCInfo or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Download the full Back On track or individual sections:

Complete back on track (1.5 MB)
Frequently asked questions (800 KB)
Key contacts (550 KB)
Places to go, things to do (650 KB)

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