Toilets and MLAK

Accessible Toilets

Looking for an accessible toilet?  The National Public Toilet Map shows the location of more than 17,000 public and private public toilet facilities across Australia. Useful information is provided about each toilet, such as whether they are accessible, location, opening hours, availability of adult change tables and hoists and other accessibility features. If you come across an accessible toilet that isn’t on the map you can help add it by clicking on “Suggest a toilet”.

What is the Master Locksmiths Access Key System (MLAK)?

The MLAK* is a master key that fits into specially designed locks allowing 24 hour access to accessible public toilets nationwide. You can purchase a key that opens all accessible toilets displaying the MLAK symbol.

The key can be purchased directly from a Master Locksmith in your local area or complete the order form available from the Master Locksmiths website.  To find your local locksmith use the Find a Locksmith search on the Master Locksmiths website or call the Master Locksmiths on 03 9338 8822.

Eligibility is restricted to people who have a disability OR who have written authority from one of the following:

  • a doctor
  • a disability organisation
  • a local council or community health centre
  • the owner or management of a building with an accessible toilet on site.
Where can you find an MLAK toilet?

To find a toilet fitted with the MLAK key go to the National Public Toilet Map enter a location, address or postcode into the search and the results will show if a toilet is fitted with the key.

Thinking about installing an MLAK at your organisation?

The Master Locksmiths Association has put together a flyer which provides information about what is required to install a lock in your facility. For further information refer to the flyer or contact the association.


*The MLAK is a project of The Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia. The above information is presented as a community resource only. SCIA has no official role in operating or monitoring the program.

For further information on this or any other topic please call SCIA by phone on 1800 819 775 or email