Living with a disability

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia (SCIA) was formed by, and for people with spinal cord injury (SCI) fifty years ago, and since that time we have embraced people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and a range of other physical disabilities. Our services can be accessed by everyone who needs them where possible, so we invite you to see how we can best serve you. We are a member-based organisation and our membership is for all people with a disability and their family, friends and carers. You can join SCIA for free today and take advantage of some great benefits from our corporate partners, as well as be kept up-to-date on what is happening near you.

Our friendly Customer Connect team is available to speak to so if you’d like to speak to someone please call the team on 1800 819 775.

A new spinal cord injury

Sustaining a spinal cord injury (SCI) is life-changing and life in your new world will take time to adjust to.
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Health, wellbeing and daily life

Taking care of yourself when you have a spinal cord injury (SCI) is important, and learning to listen to your body is vital.
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Accessibility and your environment

Access is one of the key issues concerning our members and we receive regular phone calls from members about getting better access.
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We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you about living with a spinal cord injury (SCI).
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We love hearing stories from members and clients and invite you to consider sharing your story with us and the community.
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90% of people agree that SCIA is a trusted advisor for people with a Spinal Cord Injury, with 8% of people stating that they don’t expect this from SCIA.

SCIA Customer satisfaction survey (January – June 2016)

For further information on this or any other topic please call SCIA by phone on 1800 819 775 or email