Grievance complaint process

We recognise the rights of our clients and stakeholders and encourage them to raise complaints about relevant aspects of the organisation’s operations with us. We aim to ensure that all consumer grievances are dealt with fairly, quickly and confidentially and that all parties involved are satisfied with the result.

Our Assurance

Clients and stakeholders can be assured they will be treated with privacy and dignity, all records will be kept confidential and no retribution will be suffered for having made the complaint.

Grievance procedure process

Where immediate action taken has not resolved the matter for all parties a clear pathway is available to resolve the issue:

  • If the complaint is unresolved within 21 days from the time the complaint is received by the Manager, the person making the complaint and/or the Manager should ask the Chief Executive Officer to investigate and resolve the problem.
  • If the complaint relates to the Service Manager, the complaint can be raised directly with the Chief Executive Officer.
  • In the event of a serious problem which cannot be resolved to the complainant's satisfaction within 60 days of the original complaint being made, the complainant or the Chief Executive Officer may request to have the matter considered by the Board or an external body.

How to lodge a complaint

If you would like to lodge a complaint with SCIA please fill out the form below. You can also mail us a letter outlining your grievance to PO Box 397, Matraville NSW 2036 (please remember to include your contact details).

Right click here and click on "save link" or save target" to download the Consumer Complaint form to open in Adobe Reader for completion.

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