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      I have a spare manual wheelchair which from time to time needs maintenance (for example it currently has a dodgy front castor wheel). Does anyone know of a person in Sydney who can make occasional repairs to keep this chair functioning properly?

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      Shirley Carpenter

      Hi there

      You could try Active Mobility – https://www.activemobility.com.au/service-and-repairs/ or the Specialised Wheelchair Company – https://www.swco.com.au/maintenance/.






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      Jess SCIA

      Mogo is also a possible one, but they are hard to get into. Depending on the make of the chair, call the manufacturing company/distributor. I think it will be hard at the moment. Also, maybe some tutorials on YouTube as well??

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      Wheelchair Sales 02 9 607 2233

      Independent Living Specialists 02 9 936 1190

      Aidacare 02 8 706 2330

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