What is the one piece of assistive tech that you can't live without and why?

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What is the one piece of assistive tech that you can't live without and why?

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    Did you happen to stumble on something that has helped you so significantly that, now, you can’t live without it? It doesn’t matter how big or small – tell us what it is and why it’s helped so much. You never know, it could help someone else.

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    I have a lot of assistive tech most of which was introduced to me by may case manager, some through my own research and design; others from trade shows.

    Dragon speech recognition software which has come a long way and is fairly accurate to day. If you train it, it can operate most of your computer.

    Remote control for: aircon, vidio & answering front door bell, electronic front & back doors with remote opening , access to bedroom light, electronic bedroom blind. All operated from IPhone or Android (great when bed bound).
    Computer desk Electronic height control . It’s amazing how much the height of wheelchairs varies
    Car Side access, self drive from powerchair, Chrysler Voyager van, great family car. Has “space drive hand controls and indicators, horn, hi beam, washer wiper controls in headrest.
    Powerchair changed from manual to power chair after tendon transfer. Greater access but tendency to get bogged (to much explorer in me).

    Fishing equipment
    , researched best commercially available equipment reels electronic & manuel), had DAT design offshore rod holder (boat), have designed some splints and rod modifications myself and sourced its construction.
    Gem cutting
    horizontal diamond saw blade and soon to be made stone centre device

    I’m happy to talk about any tech I use.


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    The main piece of assistive tech I use are the gripping aids from the Active Hands company. I use them mostly for gripping dumbbells/handles etc when doing a gym workout. They provide a wide range of products that help aid limited hand function

    Active Hands

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