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      Shirley Carpenter

      You might be interested in attending this virtual festival organised by LoveAbilities and taking place on 15-19 October. On the website: “The Love Abilities festival will change the belief that people with disabilities have no desire for love, sex, and intimacy. Everyone deserves pleasurable and fulfilling lives. This festival will empower the people with disabilities with the skills, knowledge and resources to lead the fullest lives possible, and for their caregivers, lovers and allies to help support or be part of their life. Throughout this festival, we will work to change the belief that pleasurable sensations, orgasm and ecstatic states are not possible for those with physical disabilities. In addition, we will equip participants with an array of tips, techniques and tools so as to enjoy sex and express their sexuality with confidence and ease. We seek to fill the gaps in the lack of sexual education and positive role models when it comes to sexuality and disability.”

      This is a global event with an extensive program featuring over 50 presenters spanning 6 countries.  There is a £15 attendance fee but the organisers also offer free tickets and stress that nobody will be turned away for lack of funds. See here for the program. 

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