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      Second to my car mods, the smart drive may be the best thing I’ve ever used. But I’m finding that more and more situations it’s cutting out.

      It seems to be around work sites and  some train stations, but this is really inconsistent. Maybe it’s high interference blocking the bluetooth connection? Does anyone else experience this and do you have any theories?

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      Jess SCIA

      There are certain “blackspots” I find around train stations and in the city around particularly crowded places. You aren’t alone there, for sure. I am unsure as to why this keeps happening to me, but I’m looking into it for sure. Will keep you posted.

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      Love the Smartdrive and have used it locally and overseas for about 5 years now.  The only downside with it is the fact that the connection drops out from time to time.  Other than that I find it fantastic.  Its discrete, easily removed for travel and has fairly decent battery life

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      My smart drive has improved my quality of life dramatically too! Just today it made moving across numerous soccer fields to get to my sons so effortless. Unfortunately I find mine cuts out too though. I was going to look into it too.

      For those of you that haven’t traveled with your smart drive by plane please know that you need to present the airline with a certificate stating that the smart drive is safe to carry.

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