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    heres a list of some great spots in sydney that are accessible.

    where’s your go to restaurant?

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    Jess SCIA

    Sydney Opera House has some amazing foot spots that are accessible! Great food too!

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    I use this website to find accessible restaurants

    There’s a good variety on there and it shows the price range and other useful details. My go to is The Star, as there are a lot of accessible restaurants there and the view in the outdoor area is amazing.

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    Jess SCIA

    SO while we are in Quarantine, how about a list for all the we miss being able to eat at?
    Apart from the Longueville Hotel (great pub and even better food) I do miss eating in Manly and the lower North Shore. Anyone have any locals that they do miss?

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    I miss my regular fix at dolcini which is the cafe at Royal Rahab Ryde as well as at Putney.

    Might be a good time to get the cook book out or maybe try some slow cooker recipes. There,s a good group page on Facebook

    Also a good time to sharpen the kitchen knives while isolated indoors. Just bought a whetstone and guide rails for the knives. You Tube have some good tutorials on how to sharpen your knives using a whetstone. I use a 1000 grit to sharpen and then a 6000 grit to polish. The guide rails help to keep a 15 degree edge to the knives for an optimal sharp edge.

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    Jess SCIA

    I really enjoyed the food and surrounds at Otto on the Woolloomoolloo Wharf! Accessible (outside was anyway) and they have a vegan menu for those so inclined!

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    Jess SCIA
    Participant is my local for food and accessible times. I sit outside, as there is a step or two inside and its smaller. They will come out and take an order though! And the people are so friendly. They also allow me to pay from the table as well. Very accommodating!

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    Jess SCIA


    Anyone for an accessible high tea? Give them a call beforehand and the accessible spots are at the front door. Food and Scenery here is phenomenal.

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