Other options for male performance?

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Other options for male performance?

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    Injury level is Incomplete L3-L4. Reduced sensation in genital area. Age 47.

    I’ve used Cialis (both the daily and one off) and found the result to be disappointing. Not a strong enough result.

    I’ve also used Viagra and generally found it to be useful and I respond to it all right, but the once every 24 hours limit is currently proving to be an issue with a new girlfriend.

    Are there any other options that I should look into or research that I’m not aware of. I’ve seen Dr. Cherry in Nedlands in the past, but I’m wondering what I should be looking into before getting a GP refferal this time around.

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    Have you looked into the use of cock rings or pumps? Or using a higher dose of viagra, unfortunately best results vary but all are super effected I’ve found with alcohol and large meals, avoiding both and staying extra hydrated might help, it’s worked so far for me.

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    Hey Ozherbie – I was long term patient of Dr Cherry (he’s retired and Dr Millar is there now). I’ve had reasonable results with using injections and  a vacuum pump (sometimes together) – I’ve found the Vacuum pump is good at getting the blood flowing and then improves the effectiveness of the injections. As danholt says above, success rate is not 100% but you should be able to get a better result with pump, rings and viagra (I’m allergic to Viagra so not an option for me).

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi everyone!

    We appreciate everyone’s input on this thread, however if you are considering taking any of these medications mentioned we strongly advise that you please seek professional medical advice from your General Practitioner or a trusted specialist as the products suggested my be harmful to your body.

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