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      Hi there, please share what you gives you the most relief with neuropathic pain? Thank you!

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      I wish I had neuropathic pain solutions! Honestly feels like it goes on all day, and it comes in waves from dull to something that feels like it’s stabbing in the bone.

      In the past I’ve been put on increasingly stronger pain meds, Lyrica, Valium and I’ve had a cortisone injection in the area most affected, but I wouldn’t honestly say they did anything for me. And the pills just messed with my digestive system anyway or decreasing concentration. So, I don’t take anything.

      At some point, I was recommended Mindfulness Based Pain Management. I haven’t properly given it a go yet, but I am not the best when it comes to meditation.

      Jumping on board for anyone who has recommendations that doesn’t affect the digestive system.

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        Davey G

        I have been dealing with Chronic Neurological based pain thru P.O.W Pain Management Team for the last 10-12 years after T10 Syrinx surgery with neck and shoulder recurring issues,and now i have apparently disrupted the shunt during sneezing fit leaving me with sciatic type pain in both legs coming from original spina bifida site L4_L5 most of my awake hours or while sitting up.The 900 mg gabepentin per day with back up of Panadol Osteo and alternatively Maxigesic only gives temporary relief,Neurosurgeon wants to wait 6 months to see if it settles down but at the same time we had to cut me off Anti depressants due to possible Cardiac Interactions.So its always a battle between battling the pain as well as keeping sane and functional at the same time,anyone out there in the same boat cause its easier when we talk about these things than suffer alone?

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      A few months  after i had my caesarean section i had severe spasms & pain & i took lyrica for the 1st time. The pain went away which was such a relief but i put on weight. Fortunately i was able to cease it & the pain never came back. During the summer months i get neuropathic pain in my right leg mainly. Like you, i don’t take anything as nothing really helps. If i have a long trip to Europe i may take valium as the cabin pressure increases pain dramatically. Just recently i’ve developed sciatica in left hamstring which makes standing extremely painful. At night i get strong cramps that wake me. I was curious whether a cortisone injection could work. Do you have any information whether botox works?

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        I had a cortizone injection in March for the first time ever in my right thigh. Day 2 was especially painful. I think it lasted roughly 3 months or so.

        I felt like the pain was significantly decreased and I wasn’t shifting around as much. But, I did find that by not shifting, I had created the start of these sores under my legs and that was a bit concerning. I’d never had that before. I can tell that the pain is coming directly from the spine compressing and I can see a difference when I’ve gone to physio and when I’ve missed a week. The neurologist concluded that (for me) cortizone was really just masking problems, and intense exercise physio would probably be the best solution for.

        Botox is new to me!

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      Hi All ,in terms of pain management ,i was looking for a natural soloution and was introduced to Arbourvitae a natural (pine bark) based liquid Terry white chemist and along with it the palmitoylethanolomide (pea) tablets out of pocket expenses involved and you guessed it im seeking damages ,seriously good alternative treatment ..cheers .

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      Hi all, consider having a look at this video that the NZ Spinal Trust put together for this: . It’s part of a whole series here:

      cheers Andrew

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      Branka i think we chat over the phone pea tablets palmitoylethanolomide ,and abour vitae are two mentions of particular intetest as they are natural soloutions and detoxification is a factor .

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      Jess SCIA

      I’ve found that, even though my pain is not severe, its significant enough for me to seek intervention. I use dry needling (when not in Quarantine) for my hip flexes and lower back. Seems to really help! So much relief for me!

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      Hello everyone, I’m Judi, wife of Stephen who has a C4 SCI injury.  He is a Partial Quadriplegic who suffers with severe neuropathic pain in his legs.  He has been on Lyrica, and a few other pain meds for the last 18 months.  He is about to start a treatment called “Scrambler Therapy”.  Basically we are feeling we have nothing to loose, as it is non-invasive, but it would be so good to hear if anyone else on here has had the treatment??  TIA 🙂

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      Hi all I’m a newbie on here and just joined.

      I am a C4 Quadriplegic and have been a quad since 1988, so 32 years post injury.  I have no movement from the neck down and live in North/West suburbs of Melbourne.

      I am so concerned as I just received a phone call from my GP stating that he can no longer prescribe Tramal for me and I have been using Tramal 150mg SR twice daily (300mg daily) for 16 years.

      If I miss taking just 1 tablet, it effects my mind and I cannot think rationally, its hard to describe the feeling in text.

      I also have violent muscle spasms and Profuse sweating, even in bed I spasm violently and sweat profusely if I miss a dose, so there is no way I would be able to sit in my wheelchair without them.

      I have no idea what I can do and im all out in 10 days and it’s not a drug that you can stop all of a sudden.

      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

      Regards Dean


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        Hi Dean,


        Do you have a spinal specialist that you can get some advice from?  What was the reason for your GP no longer prescribing your tablets?

        My advice would be to get clarification of the reason and check with a medical professional preferably a spinal specialist.




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      Hi Dean,

      Just wondering if you’ve been able to solve your Tramel  supply issue. I know what you mean when you miss a dose. I’m on low dose Baclofen, but my body feels like its crawling with insects if I miss a dose.

      Kind Regards





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      I m short of words

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      hi, what might help you is the pemf therapy from biomag , it is a treatment which you can do from home, if you are not interested in this type of treatment, they still have some useful information there

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      Struggling to find the best treatment for neuropathic pain? So try Tapentadol, it must be an effective pain reliever for neuropathic pain, it will help you relax and get rid of neuropathic pain. Buy Tapentadol (Aspadol Tab) Online

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      The best medication for those with muscle pain is Pain o Soma 500 mg. However, the exact mechanism is not known. However, it causes the brain to lessen pain, which gives those who are experiencing it momentary or long-term pain relief.

      It blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain and nerves. As a result, you will immediately get relief if you are in moderate to severe pain.
      Therefore, if you’re having problems locating the right remedy, Pain o Soma 500mg is the best choice.
      The active component, carisoprodol, works in conjunction with it to reduce pain.

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      you have Neuropathic pain try Aspadol 100mg. Aspadol 100mg is a pain-relief medication that works by interfering with pain signals. It does this by activating the mu-opioid receptor and inhibiting the reuptake of norepinephrine and noradrenaline. As a result, aspirin blocks pain signals and is absorbed into the bloodstream, where it is distributed throughout the body.

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      Hi Camila,

      Have you tried Aspadol yourself?

      My neuropathic pain seems to have increased over the yrs, but doesn’t bother me on a regular basis, usually at night. and I haven’t taken anything for it up to now.

      I’m definitely looking to start pain relief, so I might try it.

      thank you.


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