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      On the ABC there was a news segment about NDIS and parents with children with disabilties. Issues such as endless paperwork, continual assessments to prove lifelong disabilities as well as funding cuts to much needed services are just a few of the experiences that parents of children with a disabilities are having – but this isn’t something that’s contained to children. My NDIS ‘journey’ hasn’t been the best and a lot of it has been similar experiences to these families.


      Just wondering what other people have experienced? Good or bad, I’d be interested in reading about it.

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      Hi 221B Baker Street,

      The NDIS certainly comes with its challenges, but given that it’s still fairly new, there are bound to be some teething issues, which will hopefully be ironed out soon. Following my injury, I had to have home modifications which took many months to approve, but luckily they are now underway. I’ve found that having a supportive team of  Support Co-ordinators, OT’s, doctors etc has been really helpful. It’s also important to self advocate and follow up regularly.

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      I had a review a couple of Fridays ago. A lot of my stuff was either under funded or has run out faster than expected – so here’s to hoping that I get the funding I need!

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      Was your stuff under funded in your current plan or last years plan? I find that they tend to under fund therapies because they fall under Capacity Building. I questioned my planner about this, he said that a few sessions with a therapist is more than enough and I should be able to independently access the gym and train on my own. I’ve tried to explain that it’s not actually safe for me to do that, with no luck so far. It’s an ongoing battle but I’ll try again next year!

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      Hey all,

      I hope you’re all ok during these challenging times. If you don’t have support coordination built into your plan, but would like a support coordinator to help you manage everything over in the next few months, you can now access funding through your Core Supports, so no need to feel overwhelmed.

      What are some of the things you have found that you need help with during the pandemic outbreak?

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