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      Hi guys,

      My name is Jenny McAllister and I am a young lady living with a physical disability.

      I am currently working with the Valued Lives Microenterprise team who are helping me to set up my own small business around fashion, styling and disability.

      As part of my business plan, I am doing some market research into the challenges that people with a disability face when it comes to fashion and dressing and how we can make mainstream fashion more accessible and inclusive for people living with a disability.

      I have created a short survey which should only take 5 minutes to complete and I wondered if you would mind completing the below survey so that I can gain  valuable feedback and different perspectives on this important topic. The more information that I can gather covering all different disabilities and challenges that people face when dressing the better.

      Market Research Survey:

      Many thanks for all of your help and support,

      Kind regards

      Jenny McAllister

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