How have you adapted during COVID?

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      What have you had to change during COVID? We would love to hear stories about adapting to the changing environment. Share below!

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      Jess SCIA

      Well I dunno about anyone else, but I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping… which I personally have enjoyed, but my bank balance has not.

      On a serious side though, I did buy a hand crank which had been beneficial for me staying active (-ish). I have placed a higher importance on  friendships and connectivity with the outside world via social media which has been great to be able to stay in the present. This has, in turn, helped my anxiety about what the future looks like.

      I also stopped watching the news so much, which had a big impact on my mental health for the positive.

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      Living in NSW, I think I might be one of the few who have been really coming around to loving working from home. At first, it was hard.
      Actually, it might be harder if I weren’t going to the gym or if food outlets were completely closed like in Victoria.

      But this has really helped me take a step back and reassess my priorities and come up with some creative ideas for the future.

      Hope everyone is staying safe out there!

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