If you could give your past self one piece of advice about life and disability what would it be?

Forum Everyday Life If you could give your past self one piece of advice about life and disability what would it be?

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      If you could give your past self any advice about life and disability, what would it be?


      Use your life experience to help those who may be new to disability and would like to be more informed!

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      I would say there are three:

      Firstly, I wish someone really emphasised how much a good diet and exercise has on bladder and bowel health. For years, I felt like I was continually medicated for urinary tract infections instead of someone telling me to reassess my diet.

      Then I started to cut back on eating and drinking crap and drink more lemon water and my UTI’s drastically reduced. It’s so sensible, but the overall internal benefits are huge. I just wish someone had this conversation with me long before I had to figure it out for myself.

      Secondly, when I made the decision to change over to my wheelchair from calipers, no one discussed me with how important the act of standing is on the impact the wheelchair makes to the curvature of my back. I’ve been trying to make up lost time over the past couple of years, and maybe it wasn’t as well known. My decision was made 21 years ago because it made carrying books around much easier for me through school. But I maintain someone in any hospital should have mentioned something!

      Thirdly, be your own aggressive NDIS advocate. Even if the road is long and wears you down, don’t live with half-baked, sub -par plans! Plenty of people out there will help you!

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      Jess SCIA

      It may seem doom and gloom, but there are soooo many perks to wheelie life. You just have to find them for yourself. And use the “disability card” wherever you can, because no one will use it for you. Be your own advocate. And realise if you’re a walking wheelie, pushing yourself to walk to appear normal. Get the most out of your day, and don’t tire yourself for the sake of walking.

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