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      I’m a C4, C5 quad. I used to play a lot of video games before my accident and trying to find a controller committee use was quite difficult especially since at the beginning they were extremely expensive and hard to come by.  I started off using a joystick for a flight simulator and found that I could play many games that didn’t require too many buttons such as car racing and motorbike racing games. Since then I have all got a racing simulator steering wheel and put a tri knob spinner on it for me to grip much like a real car. I use a throttle intended for flights flight simulators that I have modified to hold and use for the brakes and accelerator.

      I am wanting to start driving for the first time since my accident and I think this will be the first step to getting me back on track and learning some hand eye coordination as well as some confidence before getting behind the wheel of a real car.


      Don’t mind the messy table but here you can see the steering wheel with the Tri knob which I use with my right hand and the throttle I use with my left.

      Have a look at my Youtube channel and Instagram if you would like to see me use it.

      Driving simulator hand controls

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