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      Billy Street

      It’s good to see Dylan Alcott raising awareness about employment issues, with his campaign: https://removethebarrier.com/

      Anyone got any tips to share?

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      Hey Billy,

      It is interesting indeed. He’s a great guy and I hope it takes off to remove the barriers. In my experience, engaging with a return to work program and disability advocacy organisations has helped in the past, as they can help to find suitable work and also advocate for people with SCI and disability. I’ve also mentioned my disability in cover letters and explained how that has helped me develop certain skills etc. This has also helped me in the past!

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      Hi Billy, yes I’d echo what Nath has said too.

      In terms of mentioning disability in your applications, it’s a tough decision to make. Unfortunately many employers can still be influenced negatively, whether consciously or subconsciously towards people with disability, so as someone who works in disability employment I normally advise people to declare things only at the interview stage if you’re successful. You’re not legally obliged to disclose your disability unless it directly impacts your ability to do your job.

      The Job Access page has a lot of information for employers (whether your current one or a prospective one) which gives good advice on support that employers (and employees) can receive to help promote disability employment. I think education is a massive part of changing perceptions around disability employment. Cheers

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      Hi Billy,

      Its fantastic to see people like Dylan coming out and increasing the awareness on this issue. I think there still exists a lot of people out there who fear the unknown especially from employers. At the time of my injury I had only just started with a new employer who post injury held an attitude of wait and see what happens. This I believe had a marked effect on my rehab in general and my outlook moving forward. My rehab to a fair degree centered around returning to work and this flowed onto may areas. I wish that more employers would take the same road that mine did, its had a huge effect on my post injury and no doubt would for others too.

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      Hi Tim, that’s really heartening to hear about your employer, as you say, not all employers are either as patient, or as empathetic. For me a lot of this is about education, and trying to spread the conversation about employing people with a disability, and in particular dispelling myths about disability employment. Your point about those ‘who fear the unknown’ is spot on I think, and the more we make it a less taboo subject the more employers are likely to open up and welcome the recruitment of people with a disability. I’ve worked in employment services for over ten years and it’s really frustrating to see the lack of progress, but having said that, there have been some steps made in recent years, so fingers crossed we keep moving in the right direction.

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