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      Before COVID shut down travel options, Accessible Accommodation had a petition running to allow users own wheelchairs to embark inside the cabin, rather than risking damage and discomfort to travellers who use chairs. There are over 6500 signatures so far, and I will be submitting the petition to airlines once travel restrictions are lifted. Perhaps you would like to sign the petition?


      About the petition:

      People with mobility challenges & physical disabilities love to travel as much as anyone else. Part of their experience is airline travel. Passengers with mobility challenges who use an electric (or manual) wheelchair want to use their chair in the cabin. This reduces the risk of damage to their expensive chairs and the stress & discomfort of transferring to their seat.

      Currently, a wheelchair user has to overcome the challenge of transferring from their wheelchair on to the seat on a flight.  Airlines agree it could be done differently, but little has been done to actually implement a solution yet. This petition calls for Airlines based in Australia to change this. You may have a disability, be a carer for someone who has, or a family member that knows just how frustrating and upsetting it can be to fly with these sorts of restrictions. Let’s tell our fantastic airlines that we want this to change!

      There are designs for wheelchair users to wheel directly on to their flight, proving it is doable! In fact, an organisation (All Wheels Up in the US) are trying to certify wheelchair fasteners on aircraft so that disabled passengers who use electric (or a manual wheelchair), can use their own equipment on the flight, instead of being transferred to an aircraft seat, proving it is doable!

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