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      check out this great page full of helpful accessible accommodation options around Australia

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      Brilliant! Thanks Dan!

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      Thanks Dan!

      I’ve also found this website to be quite helpful 

      It provides details about how the accomodation is accessible with little icons below the images.


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      This website is also very helpful:

      It’s about a family that have a child with a disability that share their travel, tips & experiences.

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      Jess SCIA

      Backpacking with a disability you ask?! Hell yes can! Check out this vlog here! Some amazing ideas here. Bali, Japan, Turkey, Israel and Greece were among the stops. Great resource for manual chair users!

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      Hello everyone, I hope this information is helpful to you, for Holiday and respite accommodation…

      Accessible Holiday Accommodation – because everyone deserves a holiday

      Accessible Accommodation is an information portal showcasing places to stay that offer varying degrees of accessibility. Holiday houses and apartments, hotels and motels, houseboats and glamping, resorts and caravan parks and more. Most are in Australia, however there are also options for Bali and New Zealand. There are also travel services section such as assisted travel groups and travel agents etc.

      Your mobility challenges are uniquely you. Perhaps you use a walking frame, and can manage a few steps, or you require a carer to assist in movements and a hoist is on your list of ‘must-haves’. Accessible Accommodation helps you find a place to stay that is just right for YOU.

      You can choose from a variety of accessible holiday accommodation from basic to complex disabled needs. You’ll be informed of what exactly is provided in terms of accessibility with over 50 answers to your most pressing questions and helpful photos. Also included are unedited videos of each property for you to see for yourself how accessible it is.

      There are three categories of accommodation, as everyone’s mobility needs differ.

      1/ Assisted Walking
      Walking Frame or Cane Users. Some accessible amenities would come in handy.

      2/ Independent Wheelchair User
      Wheelchair users who can lift themselves to bed and toilet.

      3/ Assisted Wheelchair User
      Guest is unable to lift themselves and requires the assistance of a carer

      There is also a group on Facebook where you can share travel tips and ask for travel recommendations. (APril 2020) There are almost 3500 members. Here is the link to join:

      There are also regular blog posts that you may also find helpful. Here is the link

      Any questions just get in touch on +61477 103 808 .

      Hope this helps,


      (Founder of Accessible Accommodation)


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      Thank you Dan for sharing.


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