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Hey hey!

I moved to the Inner West in 2008 and, at the time, buses and ramps were still very ‘new’ (if you could say that) and the number of buses that are accessible are very limited. I’ve seen public transport improve so much over that time.

I was taking buses to work, but I found that it was really aggravating my wrists trying to keep my wheelchair still. I discovered the light rail line into the CBD and it was such a game changer.

Now that I live in Greater Sydney, my preferred transport is the Ferry (although.. expensive).

Both of my preferred methods are because I don’t have to rely on anyone to get on board with that transport. Sometimes, the asking and the waiting for people has made me miss a train or delay things and so it’s not my ideal.

I’m not a big taxi/Uber person, but I’ve had some good experiences with Uber Assist. The people driving Uber Assist knew instantly what to do.