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Hi folks, I am Tony from Tamworth, I have an Incomplete SCI following a cycling accident early in 2017 at age 54.

After a few weeks in Royal North Shore and then rehab I walked out, no spinal surgery (yet) Crushed L1 with SC impact,  C4,C5,C6 Fractures plus a handful of other bits and pieces.

Major facial reconstructive surgery, brain injury, most people have no idea though apart from some minor facial scarring and a wobbly gait. Like everyone else here, nobody but my wife and myself see what it takes to prepare for and get through the day. Neuropathic pain, bladder and bowel function issues and Sleep apnoea issues make my life interesting.

I work in sales, but only 3 days/week post accident, fatigue is my biggest issue, both physical and mental, both of which lead to significant pain.

Have travelled in Australia and overseas since the accident, as well as pre accident as well.

My philosophy in life revolves around the simple fact that “If  my eyelids open in the morning and my pulse rate is above zero, it is a spectacular day!”
All any of us can do is to make the best of what we are each dealing with.