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I,m also new to using the Peristeen system. I,ve been using it since around Christmas time of last year.

I,ve found it to be quite successful but with a few issues along the way.

I,m 50 years old later this year and T12 complete with partial preservation between L1-L3 from a MVA in 2001.

It did take me around a month for my bowels to settle into a new routine and now after about 3 month I,ve changed to a 2nd daily routine and things have improved.

Some issues I had were not sitting for long enough and having some leakage and continuing movements so I,m making sure I still spend at least 20 mins over the toilet and use a footstool for a better posture.

I don,t use a commode at the moment as my bathroom isn,t big enough and I have fairly good transfers and core strength (in between housing options since moving area).

Also, a good diet high in fibre with at least 2 pieces of fruit and 1 and half litres of water per day is important.

I would assume you have a bowel care nurse or Coloplast employee assisting you in these early stages too.

At first I wasn,t using enough water to irrigate. I was using around 450 ml but increased that to around 650 mls which seemed to help too.

If you have any other direct questions or need some help with a continence nurse or someone with a trained expertise in the Peristeen system please feel free to contact me.

I work as a Peer and Family Support Coordinator for SCIA and my email is or reply to this thread.

Hope things improve for you soon!