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If you want solid, tourist destinations, LA was a dream for me. Everything was fairly accessible and off the top of my head, I cannot think of any places we went that weren’t chair friendly. Speaking from a manual chair user of course.

Disneyland and California Adventure were so amazing. Both fully accessible and if you can transfer, you can get on the rides. All of them! Universal studios was my pick of amazing-ness though! Really solid. Jump on the tour and it is so worth it. And never had to wait for an accessible bathroom at all. Did a shot of Patron at “Moe’s Tavern” on the Simpsons Lot. Worth it.

Santa Monica Boulevard was fun. The Pier was annoying in the manual chair as all the boardwalks are differently laid slightly. But we had lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and omg so good! Popcorn shrimp was a must and did not disappoint.

And the last thing we checked out was an awesome Sony Studios tour. And honestly, without giving too much away, so worth it. The sets are amazing and the memorabilia just lying around was phenomenal!

Food a foodie, I wanted decent BBQ, so the girls I was travelling with took me here and it was so worth it!! And they love Australians! Sit up where they prepare the food if you can, because they’ll give y’all the best bits they don’t serve.

We drove past the observatory and could see the Hollywood sign from a distance. Took in a movie at the El Capitan theatre. Walked the Hollywood Stars, and checked out the Chinese Theatre from the outside. So many bucket list items ticked off.

All in all, solid trip!