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Hi All,

Some good exercises whilst cooped up at home with limited equipment and depending on your level of function may include:

Shoulder blade extensions with one arm over your head and the other arm pulling downwards with your hands clasped to each other.

Crunches laying on your back on the bed and using your abs to do a half sit up.

Pec stretches in a door way against the door jam with your elbow at right angles and stretching the pec muscle.

Ankle stretches sitting in bed with a towel around your feet and stretching out the calf muscle.

Prone lying in bed on your front and then on your back stretching out the muscles which are usually at rest sitting in a wheelchair.

These may not suit everyone due to your level of function but these are what I,m supposed to do with my level at T12, however you just need to be creative and adaptable to your condition.

Another you may try is anything around the house that is weighted and can be substituted as dumb bells for bicep and tricep exercises.