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Hi all

Geez not sure what to say so here goes.

I’m Gil (short for Gilford), live in Canberra and I’m 58. I’m an incomplete quad from fracturing c5&c6 after being pushed into a lake in 1979. Had c5, c6 and c7 fused. Spent 3 months in Prince Henry Hospital in Sydney, then a further 9 months as an outpatient and Canberra Hospital Rehab. I lost movement in left leg, both arms and hands, lost sensation right side from chest down. Regained partial movement in left leg enough for me to walk but with a limp. Also regained movement in arms and partial in hands. Unable to straighten fingers left hand and little, ring and middle finger on right hand (right hand index finger and thumb have full movement but lost sensation.

Worked for 30 years in the public service and was retired on invalidity in 2010.

Have lived a full and happy life with disabilities but now I’m getting older things are slowing down and getting more and more difficult with day to day living. From 1980 to 2005 had no issues, no pain.

Now I’m suffering from back, hip and knee pain. Plus nerve pain right side of body. Also having spasms left leg and left side of back.

Just got approved to the NDIS so hoping things are going to get better with treatment.