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Davey G

Hi Guys, I was born a Adrenaline Junkie with first attending local Speedway meetings in the country as soon as my older brother was old enough to drive. Then he got involved in dirt bike racing with me helping on the pit stop side of things getting dirty,then i first got my first taste of Drag Racing January 1980 at the old Castlereagh Dragway  to see Aust vs USA at the age of 17 and have been hooked ever since.Recently went to the Fuel Altered Challenge at Sydney Dragway near Blacktown where there was 4 American teams,4 Australian teams and 2 Kiwi teams competing for the first time in such numbers in Australia plus a large array of support was a great day and i took heaps of photos from my Chair cruising around the pits which is only allowed freely in Drag Racing, try that at Bathurst. So for those who are interested there is Sydney hugest meeting 1-2 November at Sydney Dragway featuring Australian Top 6 Categories plus a support of another 6 Categories both in Cars and Bikes.I took a friend with M D and when the top fuellers started up in the pits he had to move way because the vibrations in the air and fumes made it hard for him to breath temporarily.So give it a go it will take your breath and your hearing away. For details go to and look up meetings on there calendar and i will see you at the Drags. Davey G