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Davey G

I have been dealing with Chronic Neurological based pain thru P.O.W Pain Management Team for the last 10-12 years after T10 Syrinx surgery with neck and shoulder recurring issues,and now i have apparently disrupted the shunt during sneezing fit leaving me with sciatic type pain in both legs coming from original spina bifida site L4_L5 most of my awake hours or while sitting up.The 900 mg gabepentin per day with back up of Panadol Osteo and alternatively Maxigesic only gives temporary relief,Neurosurgeon wants to wait 6 months to see if it settles down but at the same time we had to cut me off Anti depressants due to possible Cardiac Interactions.So its always a battle between battling the pain as well as keeping sane and functional at the same time,anyone out there in the same boat cause its easier when we talk about these things than suffer alone?