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Hi, I’m Catherine or Cate. I am a T9/10 complete Para. I live in rural NSW. I grew up on a property and rode horses from age 2. Most of my social and sporting life have revolved around horses. I completed in Campdrafting from age 11 and started playing Polocrosse (not Polo that the Royals play) aged 18. I had a fall from a balcony at 38 when my life took an dramatic change. I still try to attend Polocrosse carnivals through our winter months when I can, my nephew and friends play and I like to support them. I now take my camera and take photos from the sideline in my 4WD power wheelchair. This keeps me involved in the sport. Travelling in rural areas is difficult as accessible motels are sometimes difficult to find or non-existent, but you either don’t go or you adapt.

I travelled to Perth last year by air. I have to transfer to the isle chair to board the plane but I find if you leave yourself plenty of time the staff have been fantastic and help as much as possible.

Happy to chat about anything really. cheers