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There are some corrections and updates. The Sargood offshore fishing events are only open to those that take the package deal (stay at Sargood and join the offshote event). The Sargood staff are training the boat crew on how to assist people with a disability. The boat has public and private fishing charters so feel free to join one of these. The biggest hurdle is access, so far people on manuel chairs have been able to assess the boat.

Sorry I do not know the name of the boat or the hire company but stay tuned.

Commencement date to be set but Ryde Rehab will be running “Come Try Fishing” events on a Tuesday morning from approx. 10.30-12 at this stage. They will run out of Narrabeen Lake during school terms
At first they will be starting with 2 and working up to 6 participants (this allows us to work within funding schemes)

The rec therapists will be commencing assessments of clients needs in relation to clients needs and equipment and goals relevant to the program.
At present they are in the middle of purchasing a range of items at my recommendation and from identified need.

I’ll keep you informed of starting dates as soon as the are available.