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Hi I’m Kevin and I have C6 sensation & C7 muscle function quadriplegia which I’ve had for 40 years.  I had my accident when I was 19 on the way to work.  It was my first year out of high school.  Since then I have completed a Diploma in Gemmology (84), certificates 1 to 4 in Welfare (94), certificate of attainment in Desktop Publishing (95) and are Degree in Social Work (99).

I had a colostomy in 2004 and tender nieces done in both hands starting in 2011.  I am a dedicated evangelical Christian, married in 2005 to my very lovely wife Elizabeth where I helped raise our three boys from her previous marriage.

I ran a jewellery business during the late 80s, worked for SOCOG during the Olympics, ran the pastoral care department at my church 01-07, guest presenter at TAFE on sexuality and disabilities for three years, two stints of pastoral care at Blacktown Hospital (00-05, 08-10).  Organise pastoral visits, Bible study and monthly church service at our local nursing home 02-19).  Organising accessible fishing events (11-19) and currently volunteering at Ryde Rehab promoting accessible Fishing (19).  I also regularly work out at a gym (09 – 19).

My interests are fishing and promoting accessible Fishing and gem cutting.

As you may gather from my profile I’m very open and happy to talk to anyone about anything to do with fishing, gemstones or any other area of life that people would like to talk about.