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Hi all,

My name is Ricardo and I am a SCI researcher at Edith Cowan University (Perth). I have always been interested in human physiology and, more specifically, in how our brain tells our muscles when and how to contract.

During my PhD, I investigated how our spinal motoneurons are able to amplify the information that comes from the brain in people without SCI. I am now running a multicentre project on neuroplasticity after SCI.

We are looking for people in Perth (WA) with an incomplete spinal cord injury to take part in a project in which we will investigate a promising therapy which may help people with incomplete spinal cord injury become stronger.

More information in the flyer below.

If you would like to receive more information and potentially participate, you can contact me at

Location of experiments: Edith Cowan University (Joondalup) or The University of Western Australia (Crawley). Participants will be given a $120 gift card and transport or parking will be covered.