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Hi My name is Dawn.

I have a Spinal Cord Injury as a result of radiation treatment for cancer (Cancer is in remission). I live in Berowra, Sydney. I am C2 C incomplete, with no  sensation or control below T6. Good to meet you all!

I have a question that I am having trouble getting an answer…I am doing physio, and practicing moving myself along the bed/plinth (learning to do manual transfers) and my pants keep sticking to the bed and my wheelchair seat. This is making it very difficult to move my butt! I’ve tried different pants, and I cannot work out what fabrics work…some cotton is OK some synthetics work, but I can’t seem to work out what the difference is…Can anyone recommend fabric/pants that work?

…It’s a silly question, and, my physios haven’t really looked at this before…I do not have the body for lycra as day wear, so I am looking for normal clothes that will work :)…

All comments welcome!