Engage Program Overview


Program Overview

The Engage program explores how the people and activities we engage with bring meaning and enjoyment to our lives and considers how both are affected when one acquires a disability.

What does the Engage program look like?

  • Six modules delivered in a structured group-based setting, guided by two facilitators, one an individual with spinal cord injury
  • Three one-on-one coaching sessions where you will put theory into practice
  • One final group based wrap up session to reflect on your learnings and growth
  • Access to four catch up sessions held throughout the year for all Engage program alumni
  • Delivered online. Set up support is available if online format is new to you

Module 1: Where are we going?

This module will introduce some key concepts we will use throughout the Engage Program, as well as explain where we are going, the overall program, and allow us to get to know each other better.

Module 2: Grief, loss and trauma

In this module, we explore the significant emotional impacts of a spinal cord injury and start to find ways to understand and explain our diverse experiences.

Module 3: What gets me up in the morning?

It is now time to start to explore meaning and purpose after an SCI. We will look at how a strong sense of meaning and purpose can be good for us.

Module 4: Excellence, strength and virtue

Getting to know yourself better and being comfortable with being honest and reflective are key steps to making new decisions about how you engage with the world. We use this module to help you explore YOU.

Module 5: Relationships

After an SCI, many people find that their relationships change. This in itself is not a bad thing, but the importance of having relationships is well known. We use this module to identify the people around you; how they impact you AND how you impact them.

Module 6: Meaningful activities

Doing things that we enjoy, and feel are worthwhile, is an important part of feeling that life is meaningful. In this final module, we will explore activities that are fun for you and how to make them part of your life.


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