Christmas Appeal 2019

Christmas Appeal

A moment in time when life changed forever

Can you think of a time when a miracle occurred in your life? This year, a miracle happened for Chloe and Antonello.

Two years ago a trip to Italy was a lifetime dream come true for Chloe Kennedy after selling her apartment, packing up her things and moving in with her sister to save up for her trip to Europe. She had even fallen in love with local barista, Antonello, who was helping her learn Italian! Their love has no boundaries and Chloe stuck to her plan to move to Italy while maintaining a long-distance relationship with Antonello.

Chloe spent a year living the dream in Europe and getting ready to go and see the northern lights – the Aurora Borealis. But, one day whilst skiing on a perfect day in the Dolomites, Chloe’s life changed forever.

Eight days after multiple emergency operations, Chloe woke up in hospital to find her mum, three sisters and Antonello, all waiting anxiously by her bedside.

Unable to move, she had no memory of her accident, except that it was icy and she had been going too fast. She was told that the spinal cord in her neck was damaged as result of the accident and, despite being able to move her arms and hands, that she was a quadriplegic.

Chloe was flown back to Australia in a medi-jet, saying “that’s the only time I’ll be on a private jet. Thank goodness I had travel insurance!”

On her return home she spent the next eight months in rehabilitation at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney and work began in the New Year with the physiotherapists at SCIA’S Neuromoves exercise services.

Just sixteen months into her recovery the unexpected happened when Chloe and Antonello found out she was pregnant. Chloe had an easy pregnancy, and gave birth to their beautiful baby girl Aurora on 13 June 2019 at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick. It was a moment in time that Chloe will never forget, saying “My dream turned into a little miracle.”

Chloe didn’t make it to see the Aurora Borealis, but now she has her own little light Aurora.

The support and exercise routines Chloe received at NeuroMoves throughout her pregnancy was invaluable, and she continues to build her strenght to help her manage little Aurora and life as a new mum. 

Their little family depends on the ongoing support of SCIA in their day to day lives.

Consider making a special donation this Christmas to help more people like Chloe, so together we can make sure no one with spinal cord injury is left out.

Watch Chloe’s beautiful story which was featured on Channel 7 earlier this year .