Regular Giving

The guarantee of ongoing, regular income from our supporters is one of the most effective ways for us to plan our programs and services and to allow us to react to the changing needs of people with disabilities quickly.

Become a regular donor today by committing to a monthly donation deducted automatically through your credit card or bank account.

We will receipt you at the end of financial year to keep your administration simple.  Please us on 02 9356 8201 for more information, or sign up by visiting donate now or filling in this form. 

Workplace Giving

Most major corporations now encourage their employees to donate to their chosen cause by way of monthly pre-tax donation, and all undertaken through payroll.  On top of the convenience of regularly giving in this way, sometimes the company matches the employee donation!

So, check with your Finance Department or HR Department to find out how you can make this possible for the support of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia.

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