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Research project into costs of informal care

Are you providing support to someone with a disability, chronic illness or who is frail aged?

Research at the Social Policy Research Centre, University of New South Wales is seeking carers of people with a disability, chronic illness or who are frail aged to participate in the study. This is part of a PhD study.

The aim of the research is to estimate the direct costs of informal care for frail older people and those with disabilities or chronic illness aged over 60 years. Projections suggest that a high proportion of people in the future will have caring responsibilities. These caring responsibilities are associated with costs such as increased transport, communication and home modification costs.

The Research project has received ethics approval from the UNSW Human Research Ethics Committee.

Participants required
About 30 carers of people with a disability, chronic illness or who are frail aged, and are aged 60 years and over. Preferably, carer participants themselves will be aged 45 years and over. Both carers who live with the care recipient and those who live in a separate household, and also both employed and unemployed carers are required.

Research timeframe
Interviews will be conducted until the end of 2011.

Interview location
Interviews will be conducted in person or over the phone, depending on the preference of individual carer participants. For interviews in person, the researcher will travel to the venue where the carer participant feels most comfortable.

Interview duration
Interviews will last for about an hour.

Carer participants will receive a $30 Coles/Myer voucher each.

Contact details
Interested carers can contact Cathy Thomson at 02 9385 7827.

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