Injury Prevention and Disability Awareness

Changes Workers’ Attitudes

Complacency is the number one safety issue in the workplace. Typically as incidences of injuries decline and duration of time without an injury lengthens, complacency increases.

Teamsafe has been engaged by employers* across Australia to deliver thought provoking, emotional and sobering real-life stories from Ambassadors who have experienced catastrophic injuries.

Our Ambassadors demonstrate how life-changing events can happen to anyone, and highlight the real emotional effects on self, family, colleagues and employers.

Teamsafe will evoke, engage and change attitudes towards safety in the workplace and is a cost-effective way of reducing injury and fatality.

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Our OHS processes tackle the young blokes, who need to be taught about safety, but also retraining of the older guys who build up bad habits. After Blair’s talk, the guys really changed their attitude and began to pull each other up when they slipped back to old ways. Guys think they are bullet-proof and have an ‘it won’t happen to me’ attitude. Teamsafe has shown them, that is not the case and we take for granted the things most dear to us - our families. After Teamsafe’s visit the personnel on site have a story of Blair that they can relate to when they are faced with a decision to do a job safely or take a risk. Blair has left a legacy and provided a change in attitude by people on site.” Trevor Billingham OH&S Safety coordinator Abigroup.

* Employers include Qantas, John Holland, Leighton Contractors, Tyco Fire & Security, Bluescope Steel, BHP Billiton, United Group, McCourt Dando, NSW RTA, WA Water Corp. Teamsafe has targeted complacency in NSW, ACT, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, & New Zealand