Peer Support

Promoting Independence and Social Participation

Do you, or one of your clients, have questions that only a person with lived experience can answer?

Would you like assistance with independent living skills or participating in community events?

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia's Peer Support Services can provide suitably matched personnel to provide information, education and support following spinal cord injury.

We focus our support in two major directions:

  • providing support following a spinal cord injury to both the client and their family through the rehabilitation process; and
  • providing ongoing support once a person with a spinal cord injury returns home.


An established peer mentoring service for people who have sustained a spinal cord injury is currently operational at Prince of Wales Hospital, Royal North Shore Hospital and Moorong/Royal Rehab. Trained Education Officers visit the units weekly providing information, discussing and demonstrating independence solutions, conducting patient education sessions and providing community access assistance.

Community Support

A community based support service is available to assist with the hospital to home transition. This service is available until the confidence and skills to live as meaningful and independent a life as possible have been achieved. Similarly, those with an established SCI can request the service at any time. Education Officers are available to meet with clients in their own home or other mutually agreeable venue and can accompany clients to first-time visits at sporting, recreational or other venues.

Assistance is also available through select regional social networks. (Central West, South Coast, Northern Rivers, Canberra and New England).

Virtual network

We operate a web forum that links and supports around 150 people at present. The forum is managed through our Peer Support Program and offers an opportunity for online conversations to resolve problems, examine issues that occur in the life of a person with a spinal cord injury and provide input into the policy development work of our organisation. This website also includes a variety of information to support independence. CLICK HERE to visit the forum.

The purpose of all the Peer Support Services we offer is to increase the autonomy and independence of each individual. Our aim is to provide information, handy hints and daily living skills through our Education Officers and website services. Our team of Education Officers, have themselves sustained a spinal cord injury, and utilise their lived experiences, acquired information, learned skills and organisational resources to best cater for individual needs.

To request our Peer Support Services for you or your clients, or for more information on joining our regional social network groups, contact Spinal Cord Injuries Australia on 02 9661 8855 / 1800 819 775.

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