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Health and SCI facts


How many people in Australia have SCI?

What is spinal cord injury (SCI)?

What is spinal cord injury (SCI)?

What is the spinal cord and the vertebrae?

What are the effects of SCI? What is the ASIA Impairment Scale?

After SCI how much function can be restored?

Does everyone with SCI use a wheelchair?

Living with SCI

What does a person with SCI need to live in the community?

Health, the body and SCI

Autonomic Dysreflexia (AD)

Bladder and SCI

Bowel and SCI

Continence care

Diet and weight management

Emergencies and SCI

Heat, heatwaves and SCI

Pain and SCI

Respiratory and SCI

Sexuality and fertility and SCI

Skin and SCI

Spasticity and SCI

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