Give someone an opportunity

Can you give someone an opportunity?

If the answer is yes then please consider;

What will help someone more than money?

Is to provide a work opportunity for a person with a disability.

This will give the person an opportunity to feel valued and a contributing member of their community and society. 

How will this help your business?

  • You will get a highly motivated person.
  • An additional staff member who is reliable
  • A person who is flexible with work hours
  • An individual whose goals match your needs.

What type of positions will suit?

 Many people who acquire a disability need to retrain in new fields of employment that matches their ability.

  • Internships and traineeships would suit many of our clients, as this would enable them to retrain while working without the expectation that they are experts.
  • Part – Time and casual employment will also suit many people with a disability as this provides flexibility so that they can contribute with employment and still look after their health. Many of our job seekers are happy to contribute 1 or 2 days a week or several 4 hour shifts.
  • Full- Time employment in a new industry where retaining is required will also suit many of our SCI job seekers as their original training may no longer be relevant.

A new opportunity given will help a person re-establish who they are and give them the belief that they are still useful and able to contribute within the workforce.

To discuss further call our SCIA Workforce Employment Consultant on 02 9356 8201, about how to give someone an opportunity. For more information about SCIA Workforce click here.

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