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Full Version: Supermarket shopping
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When I did supermarket shopping I used to get only as much as I could fit into a basket on my lap when I was on my own. On my way in one day a guy asked if I wanted "the" trolley. After telling him that I find it impossible to push a trolley around he brought out one designed to attach to a wheelchair. Seems they'd had one out the back for ages.

It is the same size as the new small ones that started appearing a while ago. Instead of a handle it is open under the front and sprung rods clip on my front forks and away we go.

It is a bit different to this but the same idea.

Feels odd at first as it makes pushing heavier (and more so as you go) and the turning circle is big, but at least I can do a bigger shop now.

Ask your supermarket whether they've got one and if they don't make sure they get one. They can contact Coles at Westfield Bondi to ask where they got theirs.
'52 Dodge
Fantastic. Thanks for sharing with everyone.

I'll now ask my local Woolies and Coles (& Aldi while I'm at it) if they have a wheelchair trolley.
I agree it's a great idea but I did find one problem with it - the super markets that have them in my locale won't let them out of the shop (maybe some 'dick' will pinch them). I nearly pulled my teeth out getting my groceries back to the car blink.gif . Oh well, I'm sure there's a way to make it work. I'll have to keep at it until I get it, shopping every other day just a pain in the ass (oops, that's right, can't feel my ass!) laugh.gif .
I do take mine to the car and into other stores along the way. This is within the shopping centre though ... is yours straight out into the street?

BTW, I can but after a long day wish I couldn't smile.gif
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