Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships can be very beneficial to your organisation.  Not only are there the tax deductible advantages, but research shows that it increases your customer sales, improves your staff morale as well as helps us deliver more essential services.

Just some of the services you may wish to sponsor are:

Walk On - the pathway to recovering function. Many participants of this intensive exercise program say it is not only the physical aspects that have allowed them back their independence, but the overall mental and emotional wellness.  Contemplate becoming a major naming sponsor of Walk On, thus enabling the program to open in every State.

Another company benefit is Teamsafe - we offer a unique injury prevention program that is delivered by ambassadors who have experienced spinal cord injuries in and outside of work.  By inviting our ambassadors to speak at your workplace, it provides employment as well as a hugely impactful presentation.  Join our corporate sponsors who utilise this service to really engage their staff in OHS training.

Phone or email to organise a meeting to discuss how your company objectives can meld with our’s to produce a unique and exciting opportunity for us all!

Call on 02 9356 8201 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

You’ll be joining those dedicated businesses that currently support us in cash and in pro bono services.

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