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Corporate partnerships

Corporate partnerships can be very beneficial to your organisation. Not only are there the tax deductible advantages, but research shows that it increases sales, improves staff morale and helps charities deliver essential services.

Some of SCIA's services you may wish to support are:

  • NeuroMoves - Walk Onour intensive exercise program that improves people's function and independence. 
  • JESTERS, our program which gets patients in the spinal unit involved in activities to help relieve the boredom, anxiety and frustration that comes with spending weekends in hospital.
  • Our CHOICES accommodation which provides time with family, away from the hospital environment, when people are in hospital or rehabilitation.

Another company benefit is Teamsafe, our unique injury prevention program delivered by people with spinal cord injury. A Teamsafe presentation in your workplace will have a huge impact on your staff and really engage them in your Occupational Health and Safety programs. 

Contact 02 9356 1106 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  to discuss how SCIA can help your company meet its objectives, and how a partnership will support people with spinal cord injury

In Partnership

SCIA is able to deliver services to people with spinal cord injury and their families because of the fantastic support from our corporate partners and organisations that supply professional services.

Thank you for helping our community! 

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